Friday, July 23, 2010

11 Weeks Down

So, I've realized today we've been here for 11 weeks, and just have four to go before we head back to Canada. Things have been going really well here and I thought I was just do a quick update on a few things. I'm going to break it up into little mini categories, and then post a whole whack of pictures.

1. Insects
Since the onset of the rainy season, I've been finding bigger and creepier insects each day. Some of my favourites include giant dung beetles, deathshead hawk moth, and some very interesting moths. Some which are so fast, I can't even believe.

2. Weather
The rainy season has come with a vegence, it comes at any time of the day at the drop of a hat. It's not like "a light rain" it is torrential. It's super neat, but since the middle of June the thunder and lightning haven't been happening. I think that most of the storms were heat fueled (May is the hottest month here).

3. Friends
We've had to say goodbye to a few friends the last few weeks; the other Canadians from NSAC, our friend Charlotte from Belgium, Ben from Germany and also our Ethiopian friend Biru who is out for the summer. It's a bit disappointing though we have met a few new friends and there are a few more Belgian students coming a week or so. It's such a nice thing to have someone to speak English with, without any sort of barrier. It's really refreshing.

4. Food
I've fallen in love with a new Ethiopian dish called "firfir" which is injera with more injera. It's very spicy and sometimes comes with meat, and jalepenos (which is my favourite way to eat it). We've also found some really great local places, places that might not appear so "great" but they do have great service and very delicious food.

5. Locals
We've developed a nice little friendship with a bunch of young kids that live down the road, we stop and talk to them for a few minutes. They're always so excited to ask how we are. We took a few photos the other day, and I'm trying to sort out which things to give them when I leave. I have lots of pens and pencils which seem to be popular, and a few toys. We also ate supper at our friends Samuel and Isaac. They had us over before they headed to Harar. It was an excellent supper and a really nice visit. We're going to miss those boys while they are away.

6. Health
I've been feeling excellent lately, not too much food poisoning or stomach aches. The only thing that's a little weird are the side effects from my malaria medication. I've been having horrible sleeps, with messed up dreams. Often, the dream has sort of translated into consciousness like a hallucination. I woke up the other day sitting up in my bed talking into 'a phone' (which was my hand) to 'the police' in Kentville, NS. It was really odd.

Last night I woke up with an Amharic English dictionary in my hand, it had been on the top shelf so I suppose at some point I sleep walked to my shelf and picked it up. I've always been a strange sleeper but the ones recently have been taking the cake.

See you in four weeks Canada



Sugar cane in early evening

Stephanie and Fredrika

Sweet little girls who live down the street

Spinning Yarn at Merkado

Tej (local honey wine) at Ababech

Delicious chegla tibs at Ababech

Dinner at Sam & Isaac's, note the beautiful centerpieces :)

Traditionally prepared coffee w/ Y rue. Fun fact, I had seven cups of buna/chai (coffee/tea) on Friday. The people we were working with just kept breaking, and I can't say "No." to something so wonderful.

This is a little guy downtown who shines shoes. Many little guys do this to make money to pay for school fees, or support their family. Really happy little guy.

The rainy season is known for it's muddy roads. Muddy roads = Muddy shoes.

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