Saturday, May 8, 2010

Arrived Safely

Just got in about an hour ago, Ethiopia is beautiful. It's dark, and can't see much. But the air is lovely and cool, and it smells amazing everywhere. Had some delicious food in the hotel restaurant, and it was delicious. It was traditional tids and injera. The flights were good, highlights included Greenland in the early morning, The Nubian desert (or what I think was Nubian, have to check that out) in Sudan, and finally coming into Addis in the early evening.

I'm going to try to shake this jet lag and get a decent sleep.



  1. Have fun Paul !


    Bill, Josie, Jillian and David

  2. Paul,

    I love you ! Have a fun time. Are you having fun ?


  3. Thanks Courtney Clan subsection D! Thinking of you and the other wonderful Courtney family members.

    Dear Cousin Jillian!

    I love you too, I will have an excellent time. I am having so much fun! I can't wait to tell you and your family all about it.

    Give your Mum, Dad and Brother a big hug for me!


  4. I am reading Notes from the hyena's belly : memories of my Ethiopian boyhood. Unfortunately, it reinforces my preconceptions that Ethiopia was, and is, a brutal place. Will be interesting to get your take on this.

  5. Hi Daphne,

    I started reading that, but somehow it didn't find my way into my bag... did you take it?

    Ethiopa has been nothing but beautiful, lush and exciting. The people are kind, and have made me feel at home. The word "brutal" is the last word ever to come to my mind.

  6. Yes, I took it out of your bag along with your wallet. Be more careful about your belongings while you are there, eh!! ;) I'm glad "brutal" isn't coming to your mind. Unfortunately it seems to be coming to your innards! This, too, shall pass (pun maybe intended.) I have always been struck by the unique beauty of the Ethiopian people. A long long history of northern and southern influences, I suspect. Take care, adventurous One!